Specialised Network Solutions

New Company? Expanding? Need Network Data Points? — No Problem!

IT consultant connects a network cable into switch in datacenter

We can help build your business from the start. Whether you’re starting a new business, moving to new offices or expanding an existing business, One Point Hosting can lay the IT foundation for your future success. One Point Hosting has a range of network cabling solutions designed to meet your IT requirements.

Voice and Data Cabling

Our professional cabling installers follow all industry codes and work to the highest standard when installing cabling and new network points for your new venture. We incorporate new and existing cabling infrastructure in the installation of network cabling for voice and data networks. Our team will conduct a comprehensive site survey to establish how best we can meet your requirements before we begin any work.

Network Equipment

We provide switches, routers, hubs and wireless access points to allow you to work optimally on your network.  

Fibre Optic Cabling

Fibre optic cabling provides speed and stability that standard cabling cannot match. Benefits of fibre optic cabling include increased bandwidth, increased distances, lightweight, no scrp value and cost effective. Fibre optic cabling is quickly becoming the option of choice for analogue and digital communications.

Data Racks

We advise housing cabling and equipment in lockable communication cabinets. This serves to protect your equipment from a number of hazards that could put your business at risk. We supply and install a number of different cabinets to suit the needs of your business. We’re able to provide all accompanying equipment to make your cabinet functional and beneficial to you.

How Can We Help You?

New network installations

One Point offers a comprehensive solution for consulting and installation of new data cable network infrastructures. Whether you are connecting offices/departments or enterprises, we have over 15 years of direct industry experience in finding cost-effective solutions to high-performance new network installations.

Existing network management

Checking that jobs are constantly updated and that all work in progress status is current.
To appropriately participate in the development of operating goals and objectives for the IT support unit recommend.
Implement and administer methods and procedures to enhance operations
Any other tasks as required by management and within the scope of the position and tasks

Data Cabling

Installation and setup of local area networks with RJ45 Ethernet cabling to gigabit specification installations and setup of voice cabling to ISO standard installation. We do setups of electrical cabling and plugs Installation and setup of wireless data equipment installation and setup of various trunking, ducting and tubing for cable installations.

Installation and setup of various routing and switching equipment. One Point Hosting provides setup and cable of comms rooms, server racks and cabinets. We do patching of Krone boxes, patch panels, voice and electrical panels.

Other network services

One Point Hosting can provide state of the art air conditioning units to ensure optimum operating conditions for  the safety of your IT equipment. The units we supply are run by microprocessor units and offer air recirculation, filtration, cooling, heating, dehumidification and humidification.

  • Installation to recognised standards
  • Voice and data UTP / fibre cabling
  • TMS support and installation
  • Wi-Fi support and installation
  • Data/network support and installation
  • Server support and installation